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Charlotte Pinkney was reported missing on the 4th March 2004, with the prosecution alleging that she has not been seen since 27th/28th February. Although it is increasingly likely that some ill fate has befallen her as more and more time passes, it has never been established exactly what happened to her, where it happened, or even when.

On the 7th of March, Nick Rose was arrested and questioned in relation to her disappearance but was released on bail. He was re-arrested on the 31st of March and charged with Charlotte’s murder. He was convicted at Exeter Crown Court on 17th February 2005, despite¬†5 witnesses testifying to having seen her alive after the last possible time he could have done so. The verdict was by majority after 25 hours of deliberation.

One of the original five witnesses says that when he made his statement, police told him he was “putting a spanner in the works”.

Following the trial, a further 4 witnesses came forward all claiming to have seen Charlotte after 06:30 on the 28th February 2004, yet appeal judges rejected an appeal in 2006. All 9 witnesses are resolute and willing to testify again should Nick ever be successful in securing a retrial.